My Writing Journey | by Warren Goldie

Iwas born in Brooklyn, New York, and moved with my family to a suburb of Baltimore when I was six, making the cultural shift from a Seinfeld-esque neighborhood near Flatbush Avenue to a subdivision of ranch and split level homes—and schools with real grass baseball diamonds rather than cracked cement playgrounds. Though I left New York as only a second grader, my formative years there bred an open-mindedness, communality, and intellectual curiosity that I like to think has served me well through the years.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked in many industries, developing a deep understanding of business, technology, and the creative arts. I was a screenplay analyst for Hollywood production companies and a publications editor at the Shoah Foundation, a digital archive of Holocaust survivor testimonies headquartered on the Universal Studios backlot, founded and chaired by Steven Spielberg. I ghostwrote articles for Spielberg and edited the newsletter, Past Forward. My mother, a survivor of Auschwitz, contributed her account to the project.

Often, I focus on B2B (business-to-business) copywriting and content writing. At FoodChain ID, a food certification company, I wrote and produced websites and participated in marketing campaigns that contributed to years of record growth. I’ve written extensively about SaaS (software as a service). I’ve been a contractor at many organizations including K12, U.S. Department of Energy, eFax, Ideal Energy, Voice of America, and more than 40 others. I was a senior writer at IBM’s go-to marketing agency, Leopard Communications, writing about complex technical products and services. I’ve successfully “marketed spirituality” at the Omega Institute of Holistic Studies, Interface Foundation, and Maharishi International University, all leaders in mind-body-spirit education.

In B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing writing, I worked at CyberMedia, whose PC antivirus software dominated its industry. I edited TI Tomorrow, a website that was a finalist for the Smithsonian Innovation award. I’ve written scripts for videos and kiosks. As a creative writer, my novel Waking Maya rates well on Amazon and was named Book of the Month at, a review website.

My writing journey has traveled on two seemingly divergent paths: the first, into the business and education worlds where I work to satisfy client or employer. The second follows the trail of the storyteller seeking to discover, explore and dramatize life’s deeper truths in stories that aim to move and inspire. These seemingly different paths can and do inform each other. I’ve used more than a few “fiction” writing techniques in my marketing writing. But, trust me, that’s a good thing…

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