Copy and ideas to engage your target audience and powerfully represent you and your offerings.

• Websites
• Email
• Articles
• Blog posts
• Social media
• Strategy
• Management

Articles and Blogs

The best informational writing deftly and strategically incorporates a sales message. My work is publication-ready for submission to websites, blogs, trade journals, social media, or for use in newsletters and email marketing.

Brand Refresh

What’s more important than your brand? Enliven yours with new ideas that can only come from an independent pro who can explore the roads not taken. I’ve helped establish tech startups, early-stage companies, corporations, nonprofits, universities, authors, and others.


Get help with writing, editing, and analysis of screenplays, corporate videos, training videos, and kiosks

• Story development
• Writing of the script
• Script/screenplay analysis
• Treatments and outlines
• Write or rewrite


Books and articles ghosted in any of these fields:

• Business, leadership, training
• Self-help, psychology
• Health and healing
• Memoir and personal success
• Book proposals
• Blogs

Corporate Writing

Get help with business plans, reports, presentations, speeches, decks, and videos — the whole nine yards of communications — to advance your sales, development, and education goals.

Landing Pages

These highly targeted destinations guide the reader on a specific path of your choosing, foreseeing their questions and impelling a click, call, or sign-up. Landing pages must fluidly follow the copy of marketing emails.


From initial idea to outlining to writing, get help from a developmental editor and ghostwriter.

• Ideas and input during the outlining phase
• Line editing
• Reviewing from a marketing perspective
• Finding a publisher
• Self-publishing

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