Profile and Skills


Born: Brooklyn, NY
Home: Fairfield, IA
Years Writing: 25
Degree: B.S. Biology, cum laude, Towson Univ.
LinkedIn Profile

Writer and editor of digital and print content including blogs, websites, landing pages, SEO, articles, books, scripts, proposals, and more

Extensive portfolio of work

Podcast interview covering creative process, personal history, work in Hollywood and more

Developed brands, messaging, and strategy for small companies to large corporations

Novelist, playwright, essayist

Ghostwriter working under clients’ names

Extensive experience in B2B marketing

Early career as a software developer and classroom instructor

My Writing Journey


Business & Consulting Focus

SaaS, EdTech, IT services, digital marketing, food certification (TIC), publishing, Amazon KDP, and arts & entertainment.

Clients and employers include eFax, eComDataCentral, IBM, K12.com, Naviance, FoodChain ID, Physicians Employment, Ideal Energy, Bedford Falls Company, Universal Studios, Voice of America, U.S. Department of Energy, Candle Corp., and many others.

Creative Writing Experience

•  Screenplay Analyst, Universal Studios & Twentieth Century Fox, Los Angeles, CA.

•  Contributing Writer, Baltimore Sun, Baltimore City Paper, Iowa Source magazine

•  Finalist at playwright’s festivals

•  Writer of an Amazon bestseller in visionary fiction


  • Understanding Client Needs 95%
  • Reasoning and Problem Solving Skills 90%
  • Power of Observation 95%
  • Yielding to Limitations 5%