How do we get started?

Work generally begins with a kick-off call or an email exchange. I’ll want to learn all about your project. I’ll request your materials and assets. I’ll send you a blueprint for the job in the form of a proposal, including milestones, cost, and timeline.

How much does it cost?

Rates vary based on industry, client size/budget, etc. I’ll email you a quote after I go over your materials. My skillset is similar to that of a senior-level agency copywriter (I’ve been in that role), but as a freelancer with low overhead, I can offer you a much better overall cost.

What makes you unique?

The combo of my long experience in the business world along with being a creative writer — a novelist, playwright, and scriptwriter. I use techniques from the arts that can hold and move an audience, whether I’m writing for techies, managers, administrators, executives, regular consumers, or whomever.

How do you bill?

Either by hourly rate or flat project fee. I’ll discuss that with you. Usually I ask for half payment up front and the rest on delivery.

What’s the first step?

It’s helpful for me to fully understand your business, your project, your audience, and your goal. Step one is usually research and interviews. I’ll read over your website and any written and published materials that you provide. I may want to speak with members of your team. Effective writing is usually a collaborative effort. The better the lines of communication, the better the results.

How many revisions are included?

I’ll provide a first draft and two revisions. Once I receive your corrections, feedback, and questions regarding the first draft, I’ll then follow up with additional drafts as needed. If there are many changes (i.e., project creep), we may need to discuss additional work billed at my hourly rate. But I’ll work hard to stick to the plan that we’ve agreed upon. It’s a rule that you’ll have less revisions working with a highly experienced writer who knows the territory.

How long have you been doing this?

Long enough to be pretty good at it :-) Since the 1990s.

Can I speak to past clients as references?

Yes. I can set up those meetings. You’ll find many written recommendations from real professionals with real job titles on my LinkedIn profile. Scroll down to view them.

Can you improve our existing website, documents, or marketing materials?

Usually I can. I can often elevate the quality of existing written communications. Many web pages and landing pages can benefit from a fresh perspective.

Can you work with our team?

Yes. I’ve worked on creative, design and technical teams in many industries, and plenty of vendors, too. I can even manage them if you need a point-person or want to offload some responsibility. I’ve produced several successful websites from start to finish, managing everything along the way.

Can you work for us consistently or full-time?

Anything is possible! Inquire within…

Can you design a website?

No. But I can plan it out based on your requirements, write the copy for it, and manage the design process.

How do we start?

Contact me me and I’ll get back to you within one business day with my thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you!