How do we start?

We’ll begin with a kick-off conversation to discuss the details of your project. I’ll scope out the requirements and create a timeline and cost estimate for you. When the work is completed, I’ll deliver it via email, posting, or other agreed-upon method.

How do you bill?

I invoice using either an hourly rate or by a flat project fee, depending on our agreement.

What is your process?

Generally, projects begin with research and interviews. I’ll want to review your existing written materials and speak with you and/or members of your team. Successful project work is always collaborative. The more open the lines of communication, the better the results.

How many revisions will you do?

I will deliver a first draft and two revisions, unless we have a different agreement.

How long have you been doing this?

I’ve been a professional writer since the early ’90s. Earlier, I was a software developer and instructor.

Can I speak to your clients as references?

Absolutely. I’ll be happy to provide you with references.

Can you edit or improve our existing documents or marketing materials?

Very likely, yes. I can often elevate the quality of written communications. I’ll use the Track Changes feature of Word so you can see my edits. Many web pages and brochures can benefit from a fresh perspective.

Can you work with our own creative people?

Yes. I often work with and have managed graphic designers, writers and website developers. I’ve produced several websites from start to finish.

Can we hire you full-time job to work for us?

Depending on my obligations at a given time, if the fit is right…

Can you design a website?

No. But I can plan the site pages, write the copy and work closely with your designers. I can often make useful suggestions regarding site architecture, graphic elements, etc., as well.

What distinguishes you from other writers?

I’m a creative writer at heart with deep experience in business, education and technology, acquired over hundreds of projects. That’s a unique combination and an advantage to clients. I bring powerful tools from the creative arts and long experience in the business world to all projects. My aim is always the same: to use my skill set to meet project goals and exceed the expectations of my clients.