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Case Study | by Warren Goldie

Writing a Brochure and Website

Solution Synopsis

stack-brochuresA leading foods certifier in the non-GMO space, Global ID Group, asked me to create a brochure for use at trade shows that could impressively present their offerings and those of their 3 subsidiaries. I wrote the piece and managed the design process.The copy was later repurposed in other marketing materials and used on the corporate website, helping to position the company as a market leader as it was prepped to be sold.

chipsCustomer Background

The Non-GMO foods industry is fast-growing and Global ID Group had been a player from the start. Once the sole certifier of non-GMO foods for the Non-GMO Project (owner of the “butterfly label” beloved by consumers), in 2015 competitors began to capture a larger share of the lucrative market. Product sales of non-GMO foods top $40 billion/year. The trend of consumers seeking healthier, “clean-label” foods is ever-growing. They place their trust in the butterfly label.

Business Need

Global ID Group and its 3 subsidiaries—FoodChain ID, Genetic ID, CERT ID—provided related services in the Non-GMO certification and food safety field. Each, however, was siloed in their operations and had their own CEOs. My job was to understand the goals of each, so that I could create a marketing piece that integrated them all. It was essential that the companies appear as a cohesive family even though in reality that wasn’t yet the case.



Cover of the brochure that brought together the 4 companies

I acquired source materials from all, including customer-facing marketing pieces and internal strategy docs and decks. I held a kick-off meeting of all sales teams to gather perspectives and ideas. From there I crafted draft copy, developing concepts, headlines, subheads and image ideas. I selected photos and forwarded them on to our designer. I led the copywriting through several revisions, since more than 8 staff and managers wanted to chime in.


The brochure, “Take the Lead in Food Safety and Quality” was written, designed and printed, and was well-received. It presented the company as a unified whole and as the non-GMO foods certification industry leader. Managers and staff distributed it at trade shows, helping to build a pipeline and capture leads. The copywriting was later repurposed in proposals and in other areas, including on the FoodChain ID website (the parent company was renamed in 2018 from Global ID Group). The improved website helped in the sale of the company at more than $100 million, a five-fold increase from its value at its previous sale 3 years earlier.

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