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Iowa-based writer Warren Goldie.


Improve Your Website Copy and Marketing Materials

Copywriting that captures leads, builds pipelines and CONVERTS

Elevate the quality of your company’s communications with the marketing pieces listed below. Select single projects or mix and match to create a collateral family. I will write impacting copy aligned with your brand and objectives for use across all channels, using skills acquired over 25+ years as a copywriter.

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Articles, Press Releases, Blog Posts. Client-facing informational writing must carry clear, strategic intent and establish your company as an industry leader or disruptor. My articles are publication-ready for submission to trade journals, for posting online or to social media, or for newsletters and client outreach.

View my writing samples: Article: Ideal Energy Creates a Solar Powered Bank | Article: Eggs Over Easy, Hold the GMOs | Article: David Lynch Filmmaking Program | Press Release

Brand Refresh. Enliven and excite your brand with new ideas that can only come from a communications pro not mired in company politics, who will explore the roads not taken. I’ve assisted startups, early-stage companies, nonprofits, universities and the Fortune 100 on more than $100M in projects.

Samples of branding explorations: Detailed Brand Memo | 10-25-50-100 Word Descriptions

Brochures and Flyers. Stock your trade show booth with multi-page glossy brochures or single sheet front-and-back flyers, or use them as leave-behinds and PDF emails. Content: prospect needs (“pains”), product/service features, benefits, bulleted lists, optional mini-case study, Call to Action, contact info and image ideas, presented in an attention-grabbing concept.

Samples: Case Study of a Brochure Project | Flyer | Brochure (PDFs).

Ghostwriting and Executive Communications. I’ve ghosted articles for Steven Spielberg and corporate executives, from C-level down. I work with sensitivity to position and goal, and have assisted on high-profile projects. My development work has helped garner generous contributions for organizations. Samples available on request.

Profiles. Highlight your staff or customers in a way that illuminates not only them but your company and offerings.

Samples: Production Director | Green Tech Entrepreneur

Case Studies. Showcase your client successes in short-form, single-page pieces or as longer, in-depth stories. Content included: Business need, client background, solution, benefits, bulleted lists, Call to Action, contact info, images.

Samples: Short Format Case Study (PDF) | Long Format Case Study

Emails. People delete most marketing emails unopened. Writing “short” takes real skill. Copy must hit the bullseye in the blink of an eye and include example-driven content. I can submit up to 10 usable subject lines with multiple versions of copy drafts per project.

Samples: Visit Our Trade Show Booth | Get Non-GMO Certified

Website copy. Get expert help perfecting your online B2B or B2C marketing. I’ll rewrite or edit your full site per requirements and/or produce landing pages and content, presenting your organization not just as it is now, but where you want it to be in X years.

Samples: FoodChain ID About Us | Company Philosophy | Process Description

Videos, Speeches, Presentations, Proposals, White Papers and More. As senior marketing communications manager at small and mid-sized companies, I was often a one-person department, drafting presentations, speeches, collateral, websites and training videos — the whole nine yards — in support of sales, marketing and business development. In the process I gained transferable skills that I use in all jobs.

Sample scripts: Kiosk Video | Speech | Promo

Why Work With Me

Experience = Efficiency = Rapid Delivery. I’ve completed all the projects listed above over 25 years working in corporate communications. After hundreds of gigs, there’s less for me to “learn.” I work fast. And, once I’ve absorbed your offerings, my speed increases.

Low Cost. My fees are more affordable than an agency’s, since I am a freelancer with low overhead. I’ll work smoothly with your team and contractors, understanding all the different roles (I’ve been a freelancer, employee, manager and agency staffer myself).

Effective ‘String Pulling.’ My work focuses on making a strategic and emotional impact on readers and prospects. Pitches that are written as stories get results. I worry over the effectiveness of every word and will painstakingly build the case in copy that will syncs across different marketing and educational pieces.

Save $ by Repurposing My Writing. Once I create the words and concepts, you can then reuse all of it for a variety of useful purposes. After I hand over the writing to you, use it in sales presentations, articles, proposals, decks, and whatever else you may need.

Cost-Effective. If my writing helps you add even one new customer, it will have been worth it. Conversely, if you work with an inexperienced writer you may risk wasting time on multiple revisions and still you may end up with something that hurts rather than helps.

Clients have occasionally — generously — told me that I’ve performed “magic,” though of course that’s not true. The rabbit was always in the hat. My successes are due to hard work, striving toward meeting customer goals, building relationships, doing my best to check my ego at the door, and — critically — getting access to quality resources, source materials and interviews of stakeholders and subject-matter experts. The quality I produce will be dependent on your materials and our interviews, as well as my experience and skills.

For more information, visit my website and review my LinkedIn profile.

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Vital Stats

♦ 25+ years as a copywriter and content writer, working primarily in the technology, entertainment and education sectors
♦ Experience as a senior marketing copywriter, helping to move over $100M in sales
♦ Ability to interface smoothly with technical and creative teams; top interviewing skills
♦ Work on high-profile projects including for Steven Spielberg and film companies
♦ Work on a number of new product launches

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