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Welcome to Web Spa

A human life is never static. We are continually in a state of change. We grow, we ail, we falter, we need our spirits brightened. We hunger for connection and strive for sanctuary. We seek wisdom and yearn for healing. Whatever are our human experiences may be, they must be honored and at times endured.

Web Spa assists people through the diverse challenges of growth and healing, using the highest quality personal growth programming, tools and resources available today. The Web Spa charter is to help site visitors achieve psychological well-being, spiritual strength and vitality.

An Oasis that Stimulates

What is Web Spa? Think of us as a wondrous getaway from the rigors of daily life, a place where you’ll find not just solace but stimulation, enrichment, community, and that elusive sense of spaciousness for which you long.

Web Spa is not about throwing information at you or forcing you to “do” something. It is about is giving you a safe place in which to have exactly the experience you need to have now to lighten your load, bring back freshness, stoke enthusiasm and rekindle passion. Here you’ll find guidance and tools to stimulate and maintain positive change in your life.

At the Web Spa online center, you’ll find delicious food for the soul and you’ll discover a multitude of fascinating real-time experiences — from the Inner Sanctum where you can delve into your deepest depths to spirited café discussions; from guided audio processes that can change your experience in a few minutes to uplifting, invigorating creativity games.

You’ll also find long- and short-term workshops led by leading authors and spiritual teachers, and you’ll experience richly appointed meditation rooms, multimedia libraries, interactive role-plays, transcendental art, films, entertainments, animations, interviews and articles — all created, researched and managed by the Web Spa core staff of spiritual teachers, health professionals, educators and psychologists.

At the core of the site are Web Spa’s experiential programs: audio and video guided processes designed to dive gently to the underlying causes of suffering, that allow you to transcend negative habits and encourage healthy new behaviors so that you can continually move toward optimum health, prosperity and personal fulfillment.

Not a Religious Organization

Web Spa is not a religious organization, nor do we encourage a specific belief system. Our focus is upon helping to awaken the vast and often latent capacities of the heart, mind and soul. We do not “push” any particular interpretation of this awakening experience. All of our activities, however, do support this goal.

Though we are beholden to no single theology or philosophy, we wholeheartedly affirm that there does exist a non-material spiritual dimension which permeates all individual, community and business experience, offering an infinite source of intelligence, wisdom, compassion, creativity and organizational power. It is this dimension that is at the root of all of our programs.

Our content in the areas of personal growth, relationships, parenting, work life, physical health, teen life, recovery and emotional first-aid is continually being updated by the Web Spa team, always focused in a holistic view of body, mind and spirit.

Community Along the Path

One of our most important goals is building a Web Spa community of like-minded people with whom you can interact. Make the Web Spa community, with our online experience and offerings of books and CDs, your reliable partner in your continuing processes of psychological healing and spiritual growth. Count on us for the latest thinking, support and practical tools to aid in this process.

Web Spa is available 24/7 hours a day, seven days a week, with guidance and tools that will enable you to tap your higher potential and support your life goals. We heartily welcome you to Web Spa and its rich offerings of self-help and personal growth tools!

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