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A Play by Warren Goldie

award_ribbon Featured Play, Playwrights Showcase of the Western Region, 2007
Festival dates: July 18-22, 2007.

award_ribbon Finalist, Baltimore Playwrights Festival
Fells Point Corner Theater, Aug. 7-24, 2003.

Warsaw explores the family drama that ensues when war forces an estranged son home years after his father had barred him for committing “the ultimate blasphemy.”

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The play is set in Warsaw, Poland, 1939. The country has fallen to the German army. The city’s Jews have been rounded up and forced into a ghetto that quickly becomes horrid and disease-ridden. Rumors are starting to circulate about the death camps. When Sammy Lebowitz shows up at this family’s home seeking refuge, they must confront their troubled past.

Caught in the crossfire are Sammy’s mother, Esther, torn by her love for husband and son; Felix, the younger son who has always yielded to his father yet idolizes his brother; and Sasha, Felix’s fragile wife, whose dream of becoming a mother is fading as the war intensifies.

Festival judges’ reviews:

“I felt as though I had looked through a window at a true event and
witnessed a family torn by war and discrimination, striving desperately to stay together through faith, beliefs, strength of conviction, sorrow and love.”

“Many of the lines of this work read like poetry.”

“The portrait of these people in their desperate situation
shows a sure hand with characterization.”

“Fluent, natural dialogue throughout. Excellent characterizations.”

“A moving script and theme.”

“Distinct characters chosen in a setting reminiscent of Diary of Anne Frank.”

“The tension and claustrophobia of the characters’ situation is palpable
from the moment one walks into the theater.”

“An admirable script.”

“A strong work, beautifully written.”

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