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Video Promo | by Warren Goldie

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As an executive leadership coach, I work with a lot of successful people. CEOs. Executives. HR managers. People on the way up.

If they’re so successful, why do they come to me asking for change?

They seek change because they understand a fundamental truth — that the behavior that gets us to one level doesn’t always take us to the next.

My technique, which I call Feed Ahead, helps leaders get to the next level.


Effective communication is the glue that holds organizations together.

Most have only downward feedback—management talking down to employees.

Usually with a focus on the past.

Backward-looking feedback tends to be negative, doing more harm than good.

Feed Ahead takes a radically different approach.

This revolutionary yet simple technique helps leaders tune into opportunities available now.

The result? Dramatic improvement in all areas. A more dynamic, open organization.

Happier leaders and employees.


We can’t change the past. We can create the future.


Feed Ahead. Creating success through empowering leaders.

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