Content Consulting

Let’s begin with a deep dive into your project to fully understand its goals. I’ll listen, research, and come back with workable options and a strategy to get it done. Whether it’s writing or editing a website, article, book or blog, it starts with a plan and ends with flawless execution.

Article, Profile and Blog Writing

Effective informational writing deftly incorporates a sales message. My work is publication-ready for submission to trade journals, for posting online or to social media, or for newsletters and client outreach.

Article Samples:
Ideal Energy Creates a Solar Powered Bank | Eggs Over Easy, Hold the GMOs | David Lynch Filmmaking Program | Press Release

Website Writing

Save time, money and hassle by tapping the skills of a copywriter of 10+ B2B and B2C websites. Options: 1) develop all-new copy, 2) update the current site, or 3) re-explore/refurbish to accommodate a rebrand or new strategy.

Website writing samples:
FoodChain ID About Us | Company Philosophy | Process

Landing Pages and Sales Pages

Get targeted copy and concepts for your webpages that take readers on a path pointing to a solution, often linked to from a marketing email. The goal is a call or click.

Position your company as an industry leader or disruptor.

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Brochures and Fliers

Impress visitors to your trade show booth with print pieces that tell their story. Content: customer needs,  features & benefits, bulleted lists, mini-case study, Call to Action, and image ideas, all wrapped in a sharp concept.

Samples (PDFs):
Flyer | Brochure

Video, Speeches and Presos

Tap the experience of this writer, who’s worked as a senior marcom manager creating presentations, speeches, collateral, websites and videos — the whole nine yards — that meet sales and biz dev challenges.

Sample scripts:
Kiosk Video | Speech | Promo

Email Marketing

How do you “make the argument” compellingly in just a few words? The concept must be catchy and copy must land immediately and hard. I’ll submit up to 10 usable subject lines along with two body-copy versions per project.

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Brand Refresh

Enliven and excite your brand with new ideas that can only come from an independent contractor who can explore the roads not taken. I’ve assisted startups, early-stage companies, nonprofits and universities on all projects.

Samples of branding explorations: Detailed Brand Memo | 10-25-50-100 Word Descriptions

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