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Video Explainer | by Warren Goldie

AMS Modular Classrooms





1 The pace of change today requires a quantum leap to levels of ingenuity and innovation never seen before.


Crowds of students walking school grounds, young people in cities, transportation, tech. Visual suggesting what’s “out there” in the near future. Show the need & the potential
2 The coming challenges — and the opportunities — must be met by our youngest. Move in close inside an AMS classroom: science lab, other classes, kid at lectern, etc.
3 At AMS we are transforming modular construction with buildings that bridge the gap between modular and traditional at prices that are affordable. Every day, we push the boundaries of design and performance with faster, smarter and greener buildings. AMS buildings montage of many different AMS great projects
4 AMS has outpaced everyone in the field—with over 23 million square feet of schools built all over California—schools that have raised standards and reshaped the traditional classroom for the 21st century Impressive stats, accomplishments, scrolling client list, map showing installations
5 At AMS, we never stop innovating because needs never stop changing. AMS brain-trust – smart people working, show racial diversity
6 Each AMS brand is a touchpoint that serves students, teachers, and administrators. Graphics of the brands, GEN7, etc.
7 Structurally superior, customizable, energy efficient, easy to maintain, AMS

modular schools push the boundaries of design and performance.

Precision manufacturing processes guarantees high quality at low cost, with a speed of delivery that outpaces traditional construction.


Those impressive animations of the school builds, one after another
8 Our DSA-approved designs are adaptable to each school’s every need, allowing districts to select the perfect building for on-time, on-budget delivery. School district, administrators at work on blueprints, forms with checkmarks showing all certifications approvals etc.
9 A high-tech design process maximizes the architect’s vision, building sustainably to 100% client satisfaction

Spacious, open, modern classrooms provide flexibility, confidence and a hands-on environment.

Architects, plans, designs
10 AMS schools elevate the pride and economic vitality of communities, These safe, healthy schools create comfort and well-being to capture a community’s unique spirit Community shots, happy people, in courtyards around schools and elsewhere
11 What drove us back in 1983 still motivates us today: the conviction that superior learning environments lead to superior learning. AMS workers – staff, builders, etc.—in a group shot showing the happy team, office shots of them working etc.
12 Innovation empowers innovation Kids in classroom doing smart stuff, kid having aha moment
13 That’s how we are creating a brighter, more prosperous future. Societal advances. What comes out of smart, aware kids  accomplishments. Going to college, working.
14 At AMS, we  transform modular from the inside out, reimagining the modern classroom and bringing you the very best of modular construction.

Welcome to the future—built by AMS. Delivered to you.

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